• May 18′: Our paper, “A Deterministic Distributed 2-Approximation for Weighted Vertex Cover in O(lognlogΔ/log^2logΔ) Rounds”, has been accepted to SIROCCO 2018 (see arXiv).
  • May 18′: Our (short) paper, “Network-Wide Routing Oblivious Heavy Hitters”, has been accepted to ACM/IEEE ANCS 2018.
  • Apr 18′: I have won the Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  • Feb 18′: I will be joining Minlan Yu‘s team at Harvard as a postdoc starting September.
  • Jan 18′: I have won the Feder Family Award (a national student research contest) 3rd prize.
  • Jan 18′: Our ACM ICDCN 2018 paper, “Fast Flow Volume Estimation”, has won the Best Paper award.
  • Nov 17′: Our paper, “Approximate Sliding Window Measurements” “Pay for a Sliding Bloom Filter and Get Counting, Distinct Elements, and Entropy for Free”, has been accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2018 (see arXiv).


I am a fourth (and last :)) year Ph.D. candidate at the CS department of Technion under the supervision of Prof. Roy Friedman. I got my B.Sc and M.Sc from the same department.

I am primarily interested in streaming algorithms for networking systems and measurement.